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At J&S Lawnman, INC., we feel the key to our success is our on-site supervision and the continuity of our staff. Customers find comfort in the fact they deal with the same management personnel year in and year out. This is evident by the number of long-standing relationships we have maintained through our existence.

We currently have four maintenance division managers all with over FIFTEEN years of tenure with J&S Lawnman, Inc. Their training is on-going and communication is their strong suit.

A quality maintenance program is essential in order to keep your property looking its best. Our commercial maintenance crews are highly trained to handle all of your sites components. Our cutting crews will provide neat and timely cutting on a weekly basis and will also inspect the overall landscape while servicing your property.

The ownership and staff of J&S Lawnman, Inc. believe the appearance of our customers’ property is a direct reflection on us as an organization. There is no better advertisement we can provide for ourselves than keeping our clients’ grounds looking their best.