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Turf Care

In efforts to provide customer the highest quality turf and ornamental care, J&S Lawnman, Inc. prides itself on making sure any and all fertilizers and pesticides are applied safely by highly trained personnel. We know the importance of identifying the problem and making decisions based on acceptable thresholds before treating for pest problems that arise. In todays society, efforts to go green and reduce pesticide use are at the forefront of many property owners and managers. Through the use of a sound integrated Pest Management Program, pesticide use can be reduced greatly. Key elements to an IPM program such as annual scouting and monitoring, core aeration, mechanical thatch removal, and overseeding with seed species which adapt better to the particular needs of the site are paramount the long term sustainability of turf and plant material.

J&S Lawnman, Inc., can custom tailor a turf and ornamental care program based on your sites needs, instead of treating with products for pests that may not be a problem. Through the use of soil testing, scouting and monitoring, visual inspections, growing degree days, etc. you can rest easy knowing you did you part to help change the un-necessary application of pesticides where and when they are not needed.